Cocktail Party Pack

Cocktail Party Pack

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Our Cocktail Party Pack features 3 refreshing cocktail kits to keep you going through the sunny season.

(please note when shipped this will come in a shipping box, still special and gift wrapped!!)

Party pack includes cocktail syrups and meads to make 16 cocktails, just add sparkling water and ice. 

Includes 2 BEE glasses, cocktail spoon and jigger and a buzzed bottle opener! 

  1. SANGRIA Cocktail Kit - makes SIX 9oz cocktails! 

    1. Everything you need to make a delicious Sangria with our limited release Blackberry Mead ~ Rubus.

  2. MEADJITO Cocktail Kit ~ makes SIX 9oz cocktails!

    1. Featuring our traditional mead– Cloud Horse and classic MOJITO flavours, lime and mint, super refreshing!

  3. MEADMOSA Cocktail Kit ~ makes FOUR 9oz cocktails

    1. Featuring our Sparkling Apple Bliss mead and Born To Shake Golden Hour syrup, this refreshing citrus blend is definitely a cool spin on a mimosa!