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Meadow Vista Wedding Favours

Honey... I do

Wedding favours
Share the Okanagan Valley with your guests with our handcrafted favours featuring products from our farm including local honey, beeswax & lavender.

Custom Labeling Available

Custom label




Honey jars

Honey Jars- 165g or 350g
Taste the valley with our Artisan Honey from hives here on the property. Blackberry, lavender and wildflower blossoms create a light, floral honey.

165g: $5.96 / 350g: $9.71

Honey Dipper
The perfect accompaniment to our jars of honey.


Bath Salts or Bath Bomb
Relax with handcrafted bath salts or a bath bomb, made with dried lavender grown here on the farm and soothing essential oils.


Beeswax Tealights- Single or 6-pack
Made with 100% beeswax, these tealights provide a warm glow with a light, cozy scent.
Single: $0.94 / 6-pack: $5.21
Lip Balm-Natural or Cherry
Soothe and protect with our handcrafted lip balms in either Joy (peppermint) or Bliss (cherry).
Lavender Honey Soap
Made with lavender essential oil and lavender buds from the farm, this soap has a light fragrance.
Heart Shaped tealights
Made with 100% pure beeswax, these tea lights provide a warm and cozy glow.
Shower Steamers
Whether you are looking to wind down or wake up, these shower steamers will dissolve and release their delightful essential oils into the steam of your shower. Choose between Lavender or Citrus scents.
Pricing is for minimum order of 20 items. 
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