Our Bees

bee hives

Meadow Vista Honey Wines has a goal of producing the best meads possible while supporting our local bee populations. We are always looking for new ways to increase awareness, promote out local beekeepers and provide education to ensure we never have to live in a world without honey Bees!


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About Bees

Bee hives
Honey bees are lovely, hard-working insects, crucial to the pollination of many flowers and foods, they are a vital part of our ecosystem. The bees visit flowers to collect nectar turning it into honey, during this process they pick up pollen which they then transfer to other flowers. To make one pound of honey, 2 million flowers must be visited!
Honey bees are equipped with a stinger which can make some people fearful of them, however stinging you means death for the bee so they try to avoid stinging as much as possible. Respect their space, stay out of the beeline when close to hives (the path the bees take through the air to get into the hive) and keep your distance from hives and you should be able to co-exist peacefully with these amazing creatures.

Our Pollination Project

Bee gardens

A great way to support our bees is to ensure they have lots of food, you can help with this by planting bee-friendly flowers. Every Spring Meadow Vista attaches bee-friendly seeds to our bottles, grown right here on our farm, for you to plant in your garden to help continue to grow & support the bee population.
This initiative is supported by our Winery Tasting fees- every wine tasting fee collected contributes to our ability to spread seeds and knowledge across our province.

Create Bee Friendly Green Spaces

Honey bees can be found throughout the world- chances are you have some visiting your green space! Whether a patio planter or a landscaped backyard, be sure the bees visiting your space are happy and safe by following our tips:
Avoid pesticides: Many pesticides on the market can make their way into to the hive and harm baby bees.
Create a Bee Bath: Busy bees need fresh water to stay hydrated-provide them a place to sit and drink by placing a shallow dish in your yard, add a few rocks to create places for the bees to perch and then add water. Be sure to refill as needed. 
Plant Bee Favourites: To encourage bees in your Garden, plant varieties that attract them such as Blueberries, Crocus, Lavender, Sunflowers and Pumpkins.

Support Your Local Beekeepers & Meaderies

MV bee keepers

Beekeepers are important members of our communities, please support them as much as possible! Purchase local honey-either from your local market, grocery store or direct from the beekeeper. 
Drink mead (honey wine) to increase mead production in your province/area, this increases the need for honey and in turn helps support the bee population.